What is Women Empowerment- Challenges and Chances

What is Waomen Empowerment: Challenges and Chances

Women’s empowerment means that the ability of women is due to which they qualify; in which they can make all the decisions related to their life. We Celebrate International Women’s Day all over the world on 8th March, what is the purpose of this woman’s day in true sense? We have to understand that if the country has to grow then women will have to be empowered.

What is Women’s Empowerment: Challenges and Chances

Why do we talk about empowerment of women rather than male empowerment? Why do women need empowerment and why not men? About 50% of the world’s population are women, yet why is this large part of the society needed empowerment? Women are not even a minority that they need special help. On the basis of the facts, it is a proven argument that women are better in every task than men. So the question arises here is why are we discussing the topic ‘Women’s empowerment’?

Why do women need empowerment?

The need for empowerment has been done for the liberation of women by the exploitation and discrimination of women for centuries; The voice of women is pressed in every way. Women are the target of different types of violence and discriminatory behaviours by men throughout the world.

For centuries, different types of customs, traditions and practices have been developed. These customs and traditions, some good and some evil, have become a part of the collective consciousness of our society. We worship women as goddesses; We attach great importance to our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and other female relatives or friends but at the same time, bad behaviour done by women inside our homes and outside our homes.

Every religion teaches us to behave with respect and dignity of women. In today’s modern society, the thinking of the society has developed so much that both the physical and mental types of practices have become ideal against women. Such as Sati, dowry practice, curtain customs, embryo killing, burning of wife, sexual violence, sexual harassment at workplace, domestic violence and other different types of discrimination; All such actions involve physical and mental elements.

Crime or atrocities against women are still increasing. To deal with them, the mindset of old people in the society has to be changed through social plans and sensitization programs.

Therefore, the thinking of women empowerment not only focuses on raising the strength and skills of women from their sad condition, but also educates them in relation to women and equals women with a sense of respect and duty.

What is women empowerment?

According to the United Nations, there are mainly five reasons for empowerment of women:

  • Feeling of self-worth in women
  • Women’s rights and freedom to determine them
  • Women’s right to access equal opportunities and resources of all kinds
  • Women have the right to regulate and control their own lives inside and outside the home
  • Women’s ability to contribute in creating more social and economic systems

In spite of all these national and international commitments, laws and policies, there has been no satisfactory improvement in the situation of women. Various problems related to women are still present in the society. Exploitation of women is increasing, dowry practices are still prevailing, domestic violence is practiced against women, sexual harassment at workplace and other heinous sexual offenses against women are increasing.

Women’s economic and social status has improved significantly, but this change only appears in metros or urban areas. The situation has not improved in semi-urban areas and villages.

We have started calling ourselves modern, but the truth is that the modification has come only in our dress, but our society is still backward by the thoughts. Today women are playing a successful businessman from a skilled housewife and in a better way. New generation women do not want to lose a chance to prove themselves better than men. But it is necessary to erase this distance of the village and the city.

We have to educate the members of the society about the problems of women and there is a need to create a sense of solidarity and equality among them so that they stop their discriminatory practices towards a weaker section. First of all, our efforts must be started from our homes, where we should empower women members of our family by providing equal opportunities for education, health, nutrition and decision making without any discrimination.

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