When get hungry why get angry, It’s the secret that’s open, Here are 6 tips to control your anger

When get hungry why get angry, It’s the secret that’s open, Here are 6 tips to control your anger

Scientists have discovered that why do we get angry just as they begin to feel hungry. Scientists have found that this is due to the interplay of biology, personality and surroundings. Jennifer Macromak, a US-based doctoral student from the University of North Carolina said, “We all know that feeling feeling hungry sometimes affects our feelings and our thoughts about the world. Recently the word ‘Hangoi’ has been accepted by the Oxford Dictionary, which means that anger is due to hunger. ”

Macromak, the chief author of the study published in the ‘Emotion’ journal, said, “The purpose of our research is to psychologically study the emotional conditions associated with hunger. Like how anyone gets hungry as well as anger. ”

He said that research done on more than 400 people in this regard has shown that only the environment does not affect the fact that why hungry will get annoyed. It is also determined by the level of emotional awareness of the people. Those people who are more aware of whether they are hungry or not, such people are less likely to get angry.

Here are 6 tips to control your anger

Anger is a normal, healthy feeling, and we all get angry at all the occasions. But, when it is out of control, it can harm your mental and physical health as well as relationships with you. Anger may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, blood pressure. Any person who suffers from anger is also lagging behind in social gatherings. These are some tips for people who are angrier than you can control your anger.

1- Before speaking, pay attention to your thoughts as it may be that someone is angry with your talk.

2- Identify the signs of your anger – When you are angry, your heartbeats get faster, and you breathe more quickly, try to overcome these challenges.

3- If you are very angry, then count 10 or more, this will be beneficial for your anger to calm down or reduce its intensity.

4- When you are expressing your anger in a positive non-confrontational way, you will be able to clearly express your disappointment without hurting others.

5- Breathe slowly and relax- breathe three to four times and breathe, when you breathe, then count for 3 then hold breath for 3 seconds then when you breathe, then count to 3 by doing this To overcome anger, you will be successful to a great extent.

6- Take enough sleep every night- because you can get infected with all the problems in the situation of sleep failure. Good night sleep can improve your mood and reduce anger.

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