This recipe of mustard oil relief the pain of teeth

This recipe of mustard oil relief the pain of teeth

Pain is painful wherever it is, and the problem increases when it is a toothache. Due to the pain of tooth, a person loses his ability to think. In such a situation, if you have ‘salt’ in your toothpaste or not, you must have mustard oil. Yes, mustard oil does not need to be surprised, mustard oil is a panacea for dental pain. Let’s know how to use it.

A lot of vitamins, minerals and beta carotene are found in mustard oil. In addition, it also contains calcium, magnesium, iron and fatty acids. Therefore, mustard oil is considered to be good for hair and feet.

Mustard oil is considered to be very useful in dental pain and pyorrhoea. Applying mustard oil in a painful place gives relief in pain when there is a pain in the tooth. If you have complains of pariyas, then mix some salt in mustard oil and mix it with it every day. Your pyorrhoea will cure in a few days.

In addition, if there is pain in the ears suddenly, then the mustard oil is very useful in that situation. At the time of pain, putting some of its droplets in the ear immediately provides relief. In addition, garlic can be put in the ear in the oil of mustard oil.

You may be surprised to know that due to high amounts of vitamin E present in mustard oil, the skin protects against harmful UV rays and environmental toxins. The harmful rays of the sun not only cause suntan but also make your skin aging prematurely. To avoid this, apply the mustard oil in the house before leaving the house before leaving. This will benefit you.

Remember that never use mustard oil in large quantities on your skin. Doing this attracts dust and pollution to your side. Apply this oil in small quantities on skin daily.

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