10 secret of MonaLisa painting

The secret of MonaLisa painting.

There are very few people in the world who, despite their death, have always lived in the hearts of the people for their work, one of them is the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci who made Mona Lisa painting.

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the city of Vinnie, Italy, and this is why Vinnie was named after his name. Leonardo da Vinci was known as a scientific explorer and artist during the monarchy of Italy and even today He is known for his talent throughout the world. He is rated as the world’s most talented person by the archaeological heritage. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and painting with the other hand at once.

Mona Lisa Painting

The world’s most famous painting Mona Lisa painting was made by Leonardo da Vinci, which is still present in France’s Louvre Museum and its price is 5253 million. Mona Lisa’s Smile looks different from Mona Lisa painting with different angles, but this secret is still a mystery to this day.

Mona Lisa Painting Mystery

  1. Leonardo da Vinci began to paint this painting in 1503 when he was 51 years old and became fond of God without fulfilling vinci painting on 2 May 1519.
  2. And Mona Lisa is written in English as Mona lisa but her true name is Monna lisa. In Italy it means my lady
  3. It is also said that nepoleon Bonaprte liked this painting, so that he had put this painting in his room.
  4. Mona Mona Lisa painting was found in the French in Louvre Museum in 1757, but the shocking thing is that how the painting has reached it so far.
  5. In 1951 a man had thrown stones on the painting of Mona Lisa, due to which a scratches appeared in front of the left hand elbow of Mona Lisa. And then keeping in mind the safety of this painting, in French government, for that painting, a special room has been built in the Louvre Museum, whose temprature has been kept so that the painting is not harmed by the museum to make this room almost Spent Rs 50 crores. This painting is placed inside a bullet proof glass.
  6. 21 August 1911, it was stolen from the painting museum, but it is surprising that the painting came again after 10 years.
  7. The painting was 100 million doller on December 14, 1962, and Google’s search result shows that the value of this painting is about 5253 million today. There is really something in this painting, which is not available in this painting even though Leonardo Made such a painting whose cost of today’s modern technique also kneels.
  8. The size of mona lisa salt painting is 21 “wide and 30” long.
  9. In 2004, a scientist (Pascle Cottee) removed mona lisa’s painting from different types of spector lights technology with the help of high intensity lights and multi lens cameras, and found that in the making of Mona Lisa painting Diordo da Vinci paint was made, its thickness was 40 micrometres, i.e. more slim than a hair that included coal. Although this may not seem like a mystery, but the secret is that even though it is used to paint such a number of paintings in this picture, it is still safe for more than 500 years.
  10. A research has also revealed that in the Mona Lisa painting, Vinci wrote some words La risposta si Trova Qui which was in Italian language, and in Hindi it means the answer is here. It suggests that perhaps Vinci wants to tell the hidden message in this painting, but before this they became dear to God and left a secret here.

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