22 psychological facts about love

22 psychological facts about love

Falling in love is a wonderful experience that many people feel in us. It gives both happiness and misery to the person. You feel happy when you make true love to someone, because in your mind there are many more cheerful chemicals that are born.

1. The “I love you” is the most talked about in November.

2. When you are afraid to fall in love with someone, they are called “Philophobia”.

3. According to the scientific survey, a beautiful face is considered as more attractive than the good lady.

3. According to psychologists, huging someone is like painkillers in your nervous system.

4. You will be surprised to know that 2% of the world’s couples expressed their love for the first time in a mall or supermarket.

5. Every day around 3 million people go to date with their partner.

6. 90% of men speak their love saying “I love you”. There are no women’s figures in it, because in general, men often take initiative.

7. A farmer from Argentina has cultivated whole life in a ‘guitar’ shaped farm in memory of his late wife, farming.

8. After falling in love, at least 2 friends definitely get away from you.

9. “Heart Symbol” is used to denote love since 1250.

10. Your brain works less when you are in Romantic mood.

11. The girlfriends of Gary Cremain, the founder of MATCH.COM, left him. In which he started this website. It teaches that infidelity does not always ruin.

12. The beginning of Love Marriage started in the 18th century.

13. Many organisms live with the same companions throughout life. They also follow the rule of one-partner.

14. It takes only a few minutes to choose a person. Within a few minutes, we decide whether that person is good or not.

15. Scientists believe that love creates a place in the mind of a man, where he experiences the feeling of supreme happiness. These are exactly the same kind of frying as the toxicity seems to be heavy.

16. Love has its own importance in life. If there is no love in one’s life, then it can be a victim of depression and unpleasantness.

17. It is scientifically proven that a person falling in love does not pay full attention to his work, which affects his ability to do his work.

18. Keeping a romantic relationship with someone is a mental illness called an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

19. In 2014 a prisoner in Arizona ran away from prison to meet his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

20. 23 percent of the people who fall in online love get married in winters.

21. “Erotomania” is a mental state in which a fallist thinks that a famous person is in his love.

22. Before the Internet, LOL was mean, Lotus of Love.

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