14 interesting facts about navel

15 interesting facts about navel

1. Navel is a mark. In fact, after birth, when the umbilical cord attached to the mother’s stem is tied by the doctors, it becomes a mark on the child’s stomach, which we call the navel.

2. The navel is the dirtiest part of our body. There are about 1458 types of bacteria in it.

3. 4% of the world’s umbilicus has emerged out; the remaining 96% of the nasal has penetrated inside. The umbilical navel occurs when the doctors do not properly bind the umbilical cord.

4. The navel from the outlet can be carried out from the operation. This type of operation is called ‘Umbilicoplasty’.

5. The umbilicus is found only in the feeders of the breast, which is called mammal. Do not have a navel in the egg-bearing animals.

6. There are more hives (small hairs) around the navel of men compared to women.

7. Do not pierce like nose in the navel, because it takes 9 months to recover the navel hole while the nose and ear hole are cured only in 6 weeks.

8. The navel of any two men can not be the same. Every person’s navel is different. Because everyone has different bacteria in their navel.

9. Women touching their navel or kissing increases their sexuality. It is a very erotic place.

10. Fear of touching the navel is called “Omphalophobia”.

11. Applying mustard oil in the navel, will cure lips.

12. Moving of the navel can cause stomachache and you may feel diarrhea. Staying in the right place of the navel is also a symbol of health. The navel is one of the seven basic chakras of the body.

13. Men get more cotton in the navel. The only people who have the navel outwards get this one advantage. The man named Graham Barker has also collected the World cotton by collecting the highest cotton wool from the navel.

14. “Karolina Kurkova”, who was selected the world’s most sexy woman in 2008, did not have her nose. Hey, how did this happen? ☺ Actually, when she was a baby she had a different kind of hernia. Which was cured by surgery. With this, there was a dimple-like mark on their stomach instead of navel.

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