21 interesting facts about bones

21 interesting facts about bones

1. Human beings are born with 306 bones, but only 206 lives till the young man. Because some bones are interconnected.

2. Only our ear bone is fully grown at birth.

3. More than half of the bones in the body are in the hands and feet.

4. 14% of our body weight is in the bones.

5. Both human and giraffe have equal bones in their throat.

6. There is only one bone in the whole body without joint which is found in the throat.

7. When we go above 30 years our bones start losing their density.

8. The smallest bone in the body is of the ear (0.11 inch) and the largest bone of the thigh.

9. There are 54 bones in our hands, wrists and fingers, which help in writing, mobile running and playing piano.

10. Every seven years, new bone is replaced in place of our old bone.

11. Bone Marrow is 4% of our body’s total weight. It forms the Red Blood Cells which acts to carry oxygen throughout our body.

12. What seems to be a bit like a collision with our elbows is actually due to the vain, but not because of the bone.

13. In human body the strongest bone is thigh bone and the weakest nose and spinal cord.

14. Our thigh bone is so powerful that it can withstand 7800 kilo weight per cubic inch.

15. The most breaking bone is of hand.

16. There are 5 types of bones in our body: like long, short, flat, irregular and sesame shapes.

17. Our mouth is made of 14 bones.

18. It takes around 12 weeks to recover broken bone.

19. 99% of the total calcium found in body is found in our bones and teeth.

20. Our teeth are part of the skeleton but they are not counted in the bones.

21. The pain caused to the female while producing a baby is equal to breaking 20 bones at a time.

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