20 interesting facts about happiness (smile)

20 interesting facts about happiness (smile)

1. While tickling, not only humans but mice laugh too.

2. When you were born, then you were right for a moment, but the youngest person of the earth.

3. 17 muscles are needed to laugh but 43 muscles are needed to get angry.

4. Somewhere, today is the best day for someone’s life.

5. Laughing does not really have any meaning.

6. The level of happiness is difficult to measure.

7. 30% less man laughs, if you live alone.

8. Your brain can catch fake laughs.

9. Jokes become even more fun when you know comedian.

10. Believe it or not, laughing is a kind of science. In fact, the science of laughter and this effect on our body is called “Gelotology”

11. On average, one person laughs about 13 times a day.

12. Smile is more attractive than makeup.

13. There are 19 different types of laughing.

14. Laughter increases your bloodflow by 22%. But stress reduces your bloodflow to 35%.

15. Female speakers laugh 127 percent more than the audience.

16. Humans can catch smiles from 300 feet away.

17. Your laughing depends on how people are around you, not Jokes at all.

18. People who hide grief behind smile, are called “Eccedentesiast”.

19. The only person who can give you true happiness is yourself. So do not hesitate to depend on others for happiness.

20. When you feel jealous or hate for someone, stop it immediately. Because by doing so you are only hurting yourself, it will not make any difference to the next person.

How many times do you smile throughout the day and how often do you laugh? Are your smiles disappearing? Have you forgotten to make friends? If, “yes” then you are living your life wrongly … try to change it.

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