An easy solution to avoid Depression, anxiety, so far 20 million people have these diseases

An easy solution to avoid Depression, anxiety, so far 20 million people have these diseases

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), world is facing severe mental health crisis. Because at present, 20 million people are suffering from depression in the country, while 7 million people are trapped in anxiety disorders. However, what is worsening this situation is worse and negatively affecting these diseases in society. Thought. Padma Shri Dr K.K., President, Heart Care Foundation. Agarwal said, “Depression is a major public health problem in case of depressing disability and mortality.

Suicidal Idea is a Medical Emergency

All frustrated patients should be questioned especially about suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts are a medical emergence. Its risk factors include family history of psychological disorders, physical illness, pre-history of suicidal efforts or suicide. He said that increased risk of suicide increases with age. However, the tendency of suicides is higher in older children and adolescents than adults. The idea of ​​committing suicide in women’s mind more often than men.

But men are three times more successful in it. The rate of suicide is found in people who are unmarried, widows or widowers, are separated, divorced, and even those who do not have children, even if they are married. Living with suicide increases the risk of suicide. Dr. Agrawal said that the people who have sympathetic nervous system are effective, the feeling of nervousness and stress is high. When a person is depressed, one disconnect between his physical and mental health.

He said, “According to quantum physics, the mechanism of depression and anxiety can be affected by the imbalance between the partial duality. In this, balancing can help in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders. Paracetampeptic nervous system should be free from stress Helps in maintaining both mental and physical health plays an important role. With this blood pressure increases, the eyes of the eyes spread and the mind gets distracted. As well, other bodies move away from the processes and energy starts to fight it. ”

Tips for keeping lifestyle balanced

  • Consume the foods that support your system. Consume more of the grains of solid grains. Increase intake of leafy vegetables, protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates.
  • Drink plenty of water, keep the body hydrated adequately. By staying hydrated, the lymphatic system will help to remove the toxic substances and remove the metabolic waste from the body. To deterotoxify, nourish and regenerate tissues. Necessary.
  • Must do some physical activity. Exercise gives a positive tone for the body, for example, yoga is considered good for both mind and body.
  • Think carefully about everything. This involves the work, habits, thoughts and behaviors associated with your daily life. The meaning of sympathy means deliberately and actively keeping the body in tension.

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