Asthma, Rescue is a solution … Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Asthma, Rescue is a solution … Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Do not eat these 6 things if you are struggling with asthma. Rescue is the only remedy, if not paid attention, then will suffer the worst. Can be made even on life. In such a case, it is important to take care of food and drink, doctors also advise to take precautionary measures.

Asthma treatment can be easily done if taken to the specialist at the time. Asthma is no longer a cure disease today. Patients and their families should have complete knowledge about the disease. If you have information, you will be able to get your treatment with confidence. At the same time delay in treatment and any negligence can give serious consequences.

Asthma symptoms:

  • What is asthma
  • Asthma is the name of the contraction in the respiratory tubes in the lungs. The work of breathing tubes is to bring air from the atmosphere to the lungs. Along with this many dust particles also reach the breathing tubes. This dust particle produces inflammation in our breathing tubes and they become very narrow, which causes asthma. Adult is not only suffering from asthma, but children also have to face problems. If you are aware of the disease, then it can be easily controlled.
  • Begins with allergies
  • Asthma begins with allergies. Some people are allergic to change the weather and some are allergic to dust and some are allergic to the whole fragrance. This allergy comes in the form of asthma later on. The main symptom of asthma is that repeated coughing, chest tightness or breathlessness etc. Asthma is also a genetic disease, i.e., if any of the parents have this disease, so children also have the possibility of it. Asthma can be due to both genetic and environmental conditions.
  • After seeing symptoms of asthma
  • On seeing the symptoms of asthma, you should go to a disease specialist and do a simple test, which is called spirometry. This gives asthma information by detecting the obstruction of breath. It is mainly treated with special medicines. At the same time, medicines for swelling reduction in the breathing tubes are also available as the disease progresses from here. In such a situation, relief can be done by correcting them. Apart from this, peak flows and lungs function tests are also done in some patients.

Asthma causes

Animal skin, hair and hair from pollen and dust particles of grass and plants. Cigarette smoke and air pollution. From cold wind or seasonal changes from the scent of paint, perfume or room freshener. Emotional mood (like crying or laughing constantly) and stress. If women smoke during pregnancy, her child may have asthma.

Asthma treatment:

  • Take these precautions
  • Take medicines regularly. Avoid cleaning the house with dry cleaning i.e. the broom. Regular cleaning of bedsheets, sofas, mattresses etc., especially cushion because it has plenty of allergens. Change the cover of sheets and pillows once a week and wash the curtains in two months. Do not let cockroaches, rats, fungi etc. be stored in the house. Take precautions while changing the weather. Do eat too cold or hot food. Keep the routine right. Sleep well over time, get plenty of sleep and do not stress.
  • Take these steps too
  • The patient is in dire need of taking care of himself. Stay away from dust. Stay at home. Do not smoke altogether.Exercise daily on medical advice Keep your inhaler close to you. Start the yoga or exercise only after consulting the doctor.
  • Should not eat
  • Milk and milk products cannot run with asthma. If asthma patients stop consuming foods made from milk and milk, then half of them can be cured automatically. Also do not take banana, jackfruit, cooked beetroot. Can take raw beetroot.
  • What should I eat
  • The body gets the necessary energy from honey. Asthma can be cured by taking honey and pepper with hot water. If this experiment is done continuously, then you can get rid of asthma. Neem leaves can be wrapped in honey and take it every morning. The honey and the soaked peanut can remove the sputum from the respiratory tract. Chew some leaves of Basil soaked in honey and black pepper. Apart from this, yoga and pranayam should be done daily.

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