During pregnancy, women with high blood pressure will be aware of this danger

During pregnancy, women with high blood pressure must be aware of this danger

A recent study has indicated that women with high blood pressure during pregnancy increase the risk of heart disease. Patients who have already had high blood pressure, this danger doubles in them. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the high blood pressure of women immediately after the delivery and leave the hospital. Dr. Manoj Kumar, chief physician of Cardiac Cath Lab at Max Balaji Hospital, located at Patparganj, said, “Blood pressure is a major risk for both mother and child during pregnancy.

High blood pressure can block blood flow throughout the body

High blood pressure can inhibit blood flow throughout the body, including placenta and uterus. It affects the fetal growth and prevents dissection before the time of placenta from the uterus. High blood pressure can be a major cause of other heart problems, including heart attack in such women, if not closely monitored during and after the delivery.

Some other deadly effects of high blood pressure include premature birth of a child, death of a child. According to Kumar, heart attack (heart failure) or peripartum cardiomyopathy may occur for up to five months after delivery. Some symptoms of condition include fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling in the heel, swelling of the neck in the neck and heart beat Including irregulars.

The severity of peripartum cardiomyopathy is called exhaust fraction or ejection fracture, which can be measured. This is the amount of blood that the heart pumps out with each heartbeat. A normal exhaust fraction is approximately 60 percent.

Dr. Kumar said, “Women affected with postpartum hypertension should be admitted to the hospital for some time, although the damage caused by heart failure can not be prevented, yet some medicines and therapeutic help In the case, there may be a need for heart transplantation. Such women will have to re-adopt a lifestyle when they want to conceive again. And can keep blood pressure under control. ”

Some tips for controlling blood pressure:

  • Know the level of blood pressure before pregnancy.
  • High intake of salt or sodium can increase blood pressure. Therefore, eat less salt.
  • Before you conceive, move on and stay active. Women sitting in the same place are likely to gain weight during pregnancy, as well as increase the risk of high blood pressure later on.
  • Do not take any medicines that increase blood pressure.
  • If you already have hypertension complaints, talk to your doctor about the precautions that need to be followed.
  • Keep doing postpartum check-up regularly.
  • Tobacco and alcohol intake during pregnancy is not suitable and should be avoided.

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