Some mysterious things found in the Sea

Some mysterious things found in the sea

Friends, you are well aware that 71% of our land is full of water, more than half of it is sea. Every day we humans are searching for something or not. And our scientists have also been constantly trying to create new things, but some ancient things are also in the sea and the scientists have discovered them. Although no proof how deep the ocean is, it is not a concrete proof. It is not possible to say anything about what life is like in the extreme depth of the sea.

With the development of technology, everything will be known. So today I will tell you about some of the things discovered in the sea. So let’s know about the things that came from the sea.

Monument built under water in Japan

In Yonaguni-Iceland of Japan, scientists have discovered a monument inside the water. Scientists believe that this monument is about 5000 years old but there is no strong information about it yet nor any proof how it came here. No one knows that some cracks have come in the stone of this monument.

But according to the scientists and archaeologists, it must have been a temple situated on the island of Iceland, which may have sunk into the ground due to earthquake. But there is still a dispute on whether this is nature or man-made.

2100 years old Computer

In the 19th century, when Greece’s divers found a thing in the sea that remained a mystery to be auspicious mystery, it was 2100 years old, part of a computer. And not only that, the Wizard has detected that this computer’s part will have been made for satellite use. At that time the earth would be rotating and the alliance would have been created because the person could not even make the satellite away from the calculator.

Baltic Sea Stones

In 2011, when the divers of Swedes were snatching a broken part of an old ship, they found a 200-foot circular and flat stone in the depth of the ocean, which is found in the depths of the boltic sea, it is common to find stones in the depths of the ocean. This stone was drawn in such a way that no person has drawn those rituals on him. This thing can be terminated by saying that this stone of this fold is thrown into the sea by some man. But this thing becomes remarkable as the stone gets in the middle of the sea.

Sea town of cuba

In 2001, an explorer team from Cuba went to do some research in the sea to research on marine things. When they went into a depth of 2400 feet, they saw some weird stones in which different types of shapes were made, when they were pulled out of the sea and they were researched, it was found that the stones were about 50000 years ago. Now it is a matter of thinking that 50000 years ago, human beings are not so much developed as they are today, then design what those designs will be made on them. Think of this natural phenomenon.

Zakynthos Iceland

In the year 2013, an archaeological heritage of greek was seen in an ancient city while observing deep in the ocean. It was like the painting of some coglstone in appearance and there were some buildings that were looking for ancient times where even the lower part of the yellowery made in the house was found, which was about 34 cm in diameter, but when the archeology caste scientists Research has found that it is not a part of an ancient city, but it was a natural phenomenon.

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