40 interesting facts about small children

40 interesting facts about small children

Today we will tell you your childhood i.e. Baby Facts in which hardly any parent knows.

1. Have you ever wondered how many babies are born every minute in the whole world? The answer is 255. This means 4.3 children in every second.

2. When a child is born, there is no bacteria in his body.

3. The newborn can see only black & white for a few weeks of their birth; after a few weeks, the first color that they see is red color.

4. Psychologists believe that children do not dream for some years of their birth.

5. In a child, there is more than 60 bones in comparison to one man.

6. Every year 100,000 children born in USA are cocaine addicted because their mother took drugs during pregnancy.

7. Children can taste 3 times more than a person.

8. Many research points out that most of the children before the time are left handed.

9. A disabled child is born in every 30 seconds in China.

10. The women who snore during their pregnancy, their children are smaller than others.

11. If a woman gets any harm to any organ during pregnancy, then the child born in the womb sends stem cells to fix the organ.

12. More than half the photos drawn between 1838 and 1960 were children.

13. One child out of 50,000 is born who does not have a kidney since birth.

14. The possibility of a child’s birth on a given date is just 4%.

15. In order to name the children in Germany, Denmark, Iceland and some other countries, some rules have to be followed.

16. A child’s brain uses 50% of the glucose given to the child, so children sleep so much.

17. The baby’s genitalia begins to grow in the 9th week of pregnancy. 12 to 13 weeks can be easily detected that the baby born in the womb or the boy 18. Cochlear ear-kiss is a condition called injury, which states that by kissing on the child’s ears, it can be deaf.

19. A newborn baby has only 1 cup blood.

20. Children are doubled in weight only after 5 months of their birth.

21. When you were born, your tasting sensation was with your tongue as well as on your face, back and both sides.

22. Periods of young girls, and all children have breast and milk.

23. The baby in the womb reacts more to listening to music.

24. Children can see their distance up to 8 or 9 inches for the first three months of their life. This distance is enough for you to see when you are holding it or milking it, and this distance is enough to see it in your hands and your whole body.

25. After 10 minutes of birth, so many brains develop in the child so that they understand that the voice is coming from.

26. One in every three infants has a birth mark from birth and girls are twice as compared to boys.

27. A 3-year-old child’s voice is the fastest in a restaurant full of 200 people.

28. Television watching can be a natural drug for children.

29. Parents pay more attention to the weight of their children.

30. Every day 12 new born babies are given to parents on the other side.

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