25 interesting facts about dreams

25 interesting facts about dreams

1. You will never remember this thing, that when your dream started.

2. The more IQ, the more dream will come.

3. Little children do not dream before 3-4 years.

4. The first book on dreams was written in Egypt, it was written almost 4000 B.C. before.

5. Even blind people also dream, they feel fragrance and odor in their dreams or they hear voices.

6. When you dream, your body reaches paralysis and unable to do anything. Many times you can not even get a hill. You feel that all is happening, but in reality you are dreaming.

7. Many people think that the brain gets tired, but it is not that it works faster while sleeping.

8. Our mind cannot make any new face, so we see only those people who we have seen in real life in dreams.

9. People who do not see dreams, they have a disease known as “Personality Disorders”.

10. If you dream while you are awake about someone, then it means you are missing him.

11. Within 10 minutes of waking we forget 90% of dreams.

12. Many people believe that the dreams of the morning are true, but it is very rare that what has been seen in the dream has happened in the future.

13. Until color TVs did not come, most people seen only black and white dreams.

14. Some people have sleep disorders which are called “sleep walking”. It is a psychological illness, if the sleep is properly taken at the right time, then the chances of getting the disease are not equal.

15. When we see any dream we do not know that what we are seeing is a dream, then that thing called “Lucid Dream”. There are some people in this world who can control the Lucid Dream, like flying in a dream or time travel by your own pleasure.

16. It does not have any scientific proof but we can smear either at the same time or dream that we can not do both work together.

17. Not only humans, but animals are also dreaming.

18. I eat spider in my dream. This is a lie because the chances of eating spider in the dream are 0%.

9. There are some things that are invented due to the dream. Elias Howe had been looking for a sewing machine in a dream, she had seen herself in captivity of tribals who were going to burn them. Adivasis were strapping their arms oddly. This made Elias understand the technique of sewing machine. Such as: – C6H6 chemical formula, D.N.A search etc.

20. We Cannot read anything in dreams, even seeing the time in the dream may be too difficult to see.

21. The longest dream comes in the morning, about 35 to 40 minutes, and we see a dream every half an hour while sleeping.

22. A person spends about 6 years dreaming in his life.

23. If a person is trying to quit cigarettes for a long time, then he starts to have serious dreams.

24. Why nightfall happen, it happens when we see some sexy dreams in sleep. If masturbation is done from time to time, there are fewer chances of being dreamy, drinking hot milk at night increases the chances of it.

25. If you are awake from a dream, you want to see that dream back, then quickly close your eyes and go to sleep completely. There is a lot of chance that your dream will start from there. This method does not work every time.

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