25 interesting facts about Gold

25 interesting facts about Gold

Almost everyone has seen gold but information about is known by very few people. Today we will tell you 25 interesting facts related to gold, which hardly know any goldsmiths.

1. Till date, 1,67,000 tons of gold has been found, more than this, we make it today in an hour.

2. 80% of the gold is still buried under the ground. There is so much gold in the sea that if everyone is taken away then every person will have 4 kg gold.

3. Gold and cappers are two such metals that were first discovered. About 5,000 years ago today.

4. The purity of gold is measured in caret. Gold can be 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24 carats.

5. Water turns into gold when the earthquake occurs. It has been claimed that almost all gold on the earth came from outer space.

6. Pure gold is so soft that we can turn it even by hand. 1 Tola (10 grams) of gold can be as thick as a hair, 5400 feet (1.6 kilometers) long wire can be made.

7. It is not that gold comes out only from some countries, but gold has been extracted from every continent of the Earth.

8. The scientists from Dania believe that gold cannot be found only on earth but also on Mercury, Mars and Venus.

9. The name of the largest gold-bearing company in the world is Barrick Gold. It is a Canadian company and its business is spread across Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

10. Today almost half of the gold that has been extracted has been removed from only one place: Witwatersrand, South Africa

11. 24 carat gold melt at 1063 ° C. It is also a very good conductor of electricity.

12. Whether we can eat 24 carat gold. Yes, and because of this you will not get sick. Gold is added to many countries of Asia as well as tea, coffee etc.

13. Some people in the world are also afraid of gold, this fear is called orophobia.

14. The world’s largest gold biscuit is 250 kg.

15. The largest piece of gold was found in Australia on February 5, 1869. It is a piece of pure gold of about 69 kg and it was found only 2 inches below the ground.

16. Prior to 1912, the gold medal given in the Olympics was pure gold, but today the gold medal of the Olympics is 1.2% (6gm) of 99.9% purity and 98.8% (49gm) silver of 92.5% purity is.

17. Our body is about 0.2 mg gold, most of it is in our blood.

18. Gold is also beneficial for our skin, wearing gold ornaments ends skin dead cells.

19. Gold particles are present in the leaves of the eucalyptus (which also we call the white tree).

20. 300 tonnes of gold ore from gold goes out of 1 ton of iPhones.

21. Gold is used to make astronauts helmets. Gold reflects the dangerous rays coming from the sun and helps keep the helmet cool from the inside.

22. If all the gold found to date have to be kept in one place, then the Olympic swimming pool is enough to keep it.

23. If the gold is inserted into the body by injection, it helps fight cancer and also strengthens the joint it affects 7 out of 10 people.

24. Indian women have around 11% of the world’s gold. These gold is more than the total gold of countries like America, Switzerland and Germany.

25. The highest consumption of gold in the whole world is in India, but only 2% of the world’s total gold production occurs in India. More gold in India comes from the mines of Kolar in Mysore, Sikkim and from the Monsoon and Singhbhum districts of Bihar.

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