25 Interesting Facts about Death

25 Interesting Facts about Death

Fear of own death is more than the death of others. It is an absolute truth that death will be the only one thing that no one can stop it. Do you know how many deaths happen every day? No, no .. Today we are going to tell you a few things about death which few people know.

1. The death of approximately 1,59,635 people will be on the same day as your

2. The cause of death of any person is not old age but there are diseases in old age.

3. Even if a man’s head is cut off, he remains alive for 20 seconds. But if someone shoots a man in his head then he dies immediately. It does not happen every time.

4. Between 3:00 and 4:00 am, your body is weakest. This is the reason that most people die in sleep at this time.

5. The body burns in the water 4 times faster.

6. Only 3 days after death, the enzymes found in our stomach (which work to digest food) begin to eat the body inside.

7. Due to poor handwriting of doctors, 7 thousand people die every year.

8. Inverted handwriting people die three years before.

9. Sharks kill 12 people every year, but 11,417 sharks are killed every hour.

10. There is a greater chance that your death may be due to slipping foot in the bathroom or falling asleep instead of a terrorist attack.

11. Every hour in India, a woman dies due to dowry reasons.

12. Due to the diseases that can be easily cured, more than 4 lakh deaths occur every year.

13. Four million in World War I and 60 million in World War II were killed.

14. The dead person has been burning for the past 3 lakh years.

15. 150 people die every year due to falling coconut on the head.

16. Every 40 seconds in the world there is a suicide.

17. In every 90 seconds, a woman’s death occurs when a child is born.

18. It is also possible, that someone’s death is due to heart breakdown, it is called “Stress Cardiomyopathy”.

19. When the heart stops working, the color of the skin becomes white or purple.

20. After death, the body part which is closest to the earth also leads to blood flow, and then the blood gets accumulated, it is probably due to gravity.

21. After the death, ear is worse in the late hours than other parts of the body. That is, the hearing capacity remains to the very end.

22. Overall, 100 billion people have died since the beginning of human civilization.

23. After the execution, the penis of the man becomes strict and sometimes even after the death it becomes semen ejaculation.

24. Does Nails grow even after death? After the death, the nails of the fingers and feet begin to dry up and start shrinking, which sometimes seems like it has increased.

25. How does this know how long the dead body is? Seeing the species of insects found on dead bodies, it is known how many days before the death occurred.

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