30 Interesting Facts About Pee

30 Interesting Facts About Pee

Piss is a better way to remove what is not needed by our body. Can you tell 30 Interesting Facts About Pee ? let’s know today.

1. Our urine collector can store only 2.5 cups that is 400 to 600 mL of Peeb. While the elephant bag can be up to 50 liters.

2. An average person goes to urinate 7 times a day and picks approximately 6.3 cups, depending on your diet.

3. The urine emits through the tube called “Urethra”. In women, the length of this tube is only 1.2 to 1.6 inches, while in males it is 8 inches in length.

4. If you are urinating on something in the dream, then there is a lot of chaos that you will urinate on the bed.

5. Pice contains approximately 3000 components – contains 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% salt, hormones and some nutrients.

6. Throughout life, your kidney changes about 10 million gallons (37 lac liter) of water into urine, it is equivalent to a small lake.

7. If you ever get lost in the desert without water, do not drink your urine because it contains so much salt that will make your body more depleted rather than extinguish your thirst. This is the reason why soldiers in the US Army are strongly advised not to drink urine in any situation.

8. Cat urine also shines in the dark because it contains ‘phosphorus’ which starts to shine as soon as it comes in contact with ‘oxygen’.

9. Piss is also used in making medication such as: – Urokinese drug, which helps prevent blood clotting at heart attack.

10. A young man creates so much hydrogen through urination in 1 year, which is enough for a car to run 2698km.

11. 3% of the total ice frozen in glaciers of Antarctica is the urine of penguins.

12. It is impossible to give blood and urinate at the same time.

13. To avoid chlorine gas during 2nd World War, soldiers were advised to bury the cloth on the face of with urine.

14. It is true that urine does not contain bacteria, but only as long as it remains in bladder. As soon as the urethra or air comes in contact, it contains bacteria.

15. Our temperature in our body causes our urine to become warm and in winter, it also starts to become invisible.

16. Treatment of irritation in urine: Add salt and pepper to the thin buttermilk (lassi) and drink it.

17. Pertaking and urinating reduces the sex time of men, but the people who sit and pee sit, their sex time is high. Because the urine does not get emptied from standing right after peeing, and due to it repeatedly the ‘prostrate gland’ starts getting worse.

18. If laughter, sneezing and exerting a little urination while exercising, then it is called “Stress urinary incontinence”.

19. Pregnant women often have urine because as soon as the fetus is larger, it reduces the size of bladder, so that it can store less urine.

20. Women should urinate after sex, because women have already got bacteria in the vagina, which goes through the urethra tube during sex to the bladder (the urine sac), which can cause infection lives.

21. About 200 years ago, European women used to stand up because they used to wear long clothes and there were no underpants.

22. Every year in Canada, about 225 people stand on the boat and slip and fall into the dizziness due to peeing.

23. The detectives of ancient Rome used to urinate as invisible ink to write secrets between documents. These messages were only seen when they were heated.

24. When the bears are in cold sleep, they do not urinate, then why would they be 6 months long. At the time of cold sleep, the body of the bear uses the urine as protein in the form of food.

25. The pilot of a fighter plane wears something like a bag called “piddle-pack” to urinate.

26. Snakes do not have a urine collecting pouch, so they get out immediately as soon as they become urine.

27. The people of ancient Rome used piss to clean teeth.

28. In the 1930s, Penicillin was so precious, that it was also extracted from patients’ urine.

29. About 1950, the doctor used to insert a female’s urine into a frog through the injection to know whether the woman is pregnant or not. If within 24 hours of injection, when the frog produced eggs, then the woman was considered pregnant.

30. World record of urinating continuously for the longest is 508 seconds, while a healthy man only peers in 7 seconds.

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