14 Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

14 Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

For those who love, Valentine’s Day is in such a day that every lover is waiting … wait and why not tell you, condom sales these days are more than the other days. If you are a lover, then let’s know some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th.

2. “Valentine’s Day” is celebrated in the name of Saint Guru ‘Valentine’. He was buried on February 14, 269 in Flaminia.

3. Valentin started in India in 1992, but the people here gave love less hate on this day.

3. Asaram Bapu encouraged young people to celebrate Valentine’s Day as mother and father-worship-day.

4. On Valentine’s Day, 18 million rose flowers are sold, in America alone.

5. It is customary in Italy that in the morning that the woman who shows the man, she probably would be the woman’s husband.

6. Valentine’s Day in Japan just celebrated by men.

7. On 14th of every month in South Korea, celebrated as a day of love.

8. Muslims does not celebrate Valentin Day in Malaysia.

9. Every year on February 14, more than 1 billion Card is sent, all over the world.

10. The Iranian government also banned Valentine’s Day in 2011. Here banned red roses, heart shapes and everything related to it, which promote Valentine’s Day.

11. “Condom” sales are 30% higher on Valentine’s Day.

12. In Valentine’s Day more than 1-billion-dollar business occurs in the US.

13. 1 Billion US dollars spent only on the cards of Valentine’s Day.

14. In 2010, on Valentine’s Day, in Mexico, 3,8897 people kissed together, which is a world record.

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