18 interesting facts about Atom Bomb, Nuclear Weapons

18 interesting facts about Atom Bomb, Nuclear Weapons

1. If 100 nuclei bomb of 15 kilotons are used on earth, black smoke will be covered in the sky, the sunlight will not be able to reach the earth properly, half the ozone layer will be depleted and such diseases will be born which we will get Cannot even apply

2. The invention of atomic bomb was done by scientists working in the Manhattan Project during World War II. ‘Robert Oppenheimer’ was the director of this project, he is also called ‘father of atomic bomb’.

3. The first nuclear bomb test was conducted on July 16, 1945 at 5:30 in the morning at Alogordo of New Mexico. This bomb was named ‘The Gadget’. In this 20 kiloton TNT was used, due to which there was a mushroom-shaped shape of 600 meters high on the explosion.

4. The missile which carries nuclear weapons, has a speed of 7 kilometers per second. That is, 400km / minute.

5. At present, nine countries have more than 14,900 nuclear weapons. 93% of these are with Russia and the US. It is able to eliminate the entire human race many times.

6. Russia has the maximum number of 7,000 nuclear weapons against any other country. After this, the number of US (6800), France (300), China (260), England (215), Pakistan (120-130), India (110-120), Israel (80) and North Korea (less than 10) Comes.

7. In New Mexico where the world’s first atom bomb was tested today, at that place the atom bomb museum has remained. Known as the ‘Trinity Site’, this museum opens only 12 hours a year. Once on the first Saturday in April and once on the first Saturday in October. Its opening timing is from 8am to 2pm.

8. Testing of atomic bombs around 1950’s ‘Las Vegas’ became the center of attraction for the city’s tourists. These tests were conducted 80 kilometers away from Main City. Parties were celebrated by looking at a mushroom-like shape of atomic bomb in the city. This led to the city of Las Vegas being called ‘Atomic City’.

9. America is the first country to create nuclear weapons. It is also the only country that used nuclear war for the war. It alone spends more than its total expenditure on all its nuclear weapons combined by all countries.

10. During the Cold War, America also thought of throwing an atom bomb on the moon so that they could demonstrate the power of their army.

11. In 1958, a nuclear bomb from the United States was lost on the sea coast of Georgia. In 2016 it was found by some tourists. They immediately dispersed this 3.9 megaton bomb by dialing 911.

12. 5,00,000,000 kg of atomic bombs have so much explosive power that was used throughout the whole of World War II.

13. A massive nuclear war will cause 150 million tons of smoke to spread in the atmosphere. Due to which cold will be more cold than the cold era.

14. Having CT scan will affect radioactive radiation on your body as much as Hiroshima was lying on the body of a man standing 1.5 and a half kilometers away from the blast. Radiation reaches 1-10 millisieversts in our body with a CT scan.

15. How much noise can atomic bombs cause ? Nuclear bombs can cause so much noise that our ears curtains will burst. The waves of nuclear explosion are supersonic. If you are standing right in the middle of the attack place then you will die before hearing the blast. Atomic bombs can generate up to 240 to 280 dB of voice whereas the human ear can only hear up to 120 dB. The biggest sound on earth is the atomic bomb, after which there is a volcano.

16. Does Nuclear Bombs Expire? Yes, nuclear bomb also expires. Almost everything that is made of man has a time limit. The expiration date of atom bombs depends on the subject of which substance has been used in it. The substances used have to be changed after half life, such as Tritium’s Half Life 12.3 years, 24,100 years of plutonium, 4 billion years of uranium, and thorium 14 billion years. From time to time, skilled engineers keep watching them and change the thing which gets a bit of deficiency.

17. What if the nuclear bomb is being thrown inside the water? The nuclear explosion under the power of the water is called “UNDEX”. The effects of the explosion within the water depends on many things, including the distance from the explosion, the explosion energy, the depth of the explosion and the depth of the water. If an atom bomb is blown into the water, all the coastal creatures around will die. There will be plenty of radioactive elements in the water. The waves rising from the explosion inside the water and the waves rising during the tsunami or earthquake are different.

18. If Einstein was not born, would we still have nuclear weapons? If we make Einstein vanish from history in any way, very few nuclear weapons will be affected because they were not the main actors of nuclear weapons. This myth was born because at that time Einstein’s equation E = mc2 was more famous and most people considered this formula chief in building nuclear weapons. He wrote about energy but did not give the theory of creation, it is clear that he had no direct relationship with the production of nuclear weapons.

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