23 interesting facts about skin

23 interesting facts about skin

Today almost every interesting fact about skin will be told to you. Do you know? 15 percent of our body weight is of skin…. so let’s start.

1. The skin is actually a part of our body, and it is also our largest organ.

2. The true color of the skin of the child reveals after six months of his birth.

3. Our skin color determines by ‘melanin’.

4. Vitamin C protects skin from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. This orange, apple etc. Is found in

5. If the skin of human body is stretched flat then it will surround 20 square feet.

6. Soda makes you old, prematurely because it contains high amounts of phosphates.

7. After the age of 25, wrinkles in the skin begin to fall. Gravity also has a huge hand in it.

8. The person who drinks 10 or more cigarettes in a day, the deeper lines appear on his forehead.

9. On sleeping on the stomach, sleeping on our forehead and on the side, there will be wrinkles on our chin and cheeks.

10. The reason for the smell coming out of old people is a chemical called 2-nonenal. Old men keep leaving it through the skin.

11. Out of every 20 females face 1 has acne on her face whereas men get out of 1 in every 100.

12. The thinnest skin in our body is our eyes, from 0.2 to 0.5mm.

13. The thickest skin in our body is of our soles, up to 4mm.

14. Every creature including human skin has hair, whales and dolphins too.

15. Human skin meets most pigs.

16. Our skin changes about once every 28 days and about 900 times throughout life.

17. 50% of the dust present in your homes are of your skin. 30,000 cells from your skin are flowing every minute.

18. The skin of the vagina and skin of our mouth is made of the same cell.

19. Apple oil is very beneficial for the skin. It removes wrinkles, broken skin, itching and swelling on the skin

20. When the heart stops working, the color of the skin becomes white or purple.

21. Our skin has 5 types of receptors, which give all the information from pain to touching the brain.

22. The white color of the skin has started from 20,000 to 50,000 years.

23. Doing ‘anxiety’ not only results in acne on the face, but your skin also gets thin and you get older early.

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