31 interesting facts about the eyes

31 interesting facts about the eyes

Today we will give you such information about the eyes which you have not heard before today, nor will you have heard it.

1. We actually see only 3 colors: blue, red and green. The rest of the colors are formed by combining these three. With the help of these three we recognize 10 million colors.

2. More than half of our brains are engaged in handling eyes. (approx. 65%)

3. Eye-control tissues remain the most active in the body. Focusing mussels shakes 1 million times a day. Your toes will have to walk around 80km in a day to do the same work.

4. There is tremendous medical power in our eyes. They have the ability to filter dust, soil. And by chance, the eye glass also looks a bit scratched and the eye fixes it within 48 hours.

5. Our eyes can be seen only because of two cells. Rod cells and Cone Cells There are 13 million rods and 70 million cone cells in our eyes. With the help of rod cells, you can see in the dark.

6. The man’s eye is 576 megapixels. It takes only 2 milliseconds to focus in one place. The faster and clearer camera this is beyond the understanding of the scientists.

7. The color of our eyes depends on ‘melanin’. More melanin are found in blue-eyed people.

8. The color of both eyes of some people is different. It is called Hererochromia.

9. If you do not see close then your eyeballs grow and if you do not see the distance then these balls are small.

10. People with blue eyes find the sun’s glow less than others. And today 10,000 years ago there was not a single blue eyed person on earth. That is, the ancestor of all the blue eyes present on earth today was the same, which was born 10 thousand years ago.

11. The newborn baby is able to properly observe the distance of 15 inches. And from birth to death there is only one size of your eyes. These decreases do not increase.

12. Eyes are the second most complex (complicated, complex) organ in the body. (After the brain). It has 20 million parts and it delivers 4.5kb (0.034 MB) of information every hour.

3. Your nose blows when you cry, because the tears begin to leak through the nose.

14. In the whole eye, only cornea (carnia) is a tissue that does not require bloood. For this reason, cornea does not require oxygen. In many eye surgery, cornea is used in the eyes of shark fish because it is very similar to the human cornea.

15. When you talk to someone, the eyelids flip more, but when you are reading something on a computer screen or paper, it is a little less prone – so your eyes get more tired.

16. Eyes fly 17 times in one minute, 14,280 times in one day and 52 lakh times in one year. Once the eye blinking takes 100 to 150 milliseconds but it is impossible to blink more than 5 times in a second. If the time for blinking the eyes of whole life is added then it will be more than 1 year. There are two reasons for blinking eyes: to maintain moisture in eyes and to protect eyes from external particles.

17. Our eyes are adjusted according to darkness and light. Make an experiment to see it: Turn off the bulb and go to your bathroom, and after a while stand in front of the mirror and burn the bulb. You will see in the mirror how the eyes of our eyes shrink.

18. Until the child is not 4 to 13 weeks, he only makes the voice of crying but his eyes do not get tears.

19. After 5 months our eyelashes are coming new, while head hair changes from 2 to 4 years.

20. Karelia (chameleon) can see in 2 different directions, at the same time.

21. Dogs do not know the difference between green and red colors.

22. When we look at something surprising, the size of our eyes’ puppets grows up to 45%.

23. Many times our eyes get red in the photo. Because the flash reflects the retinal blood vessel. The eyes of the dogs and other animals come green. Because the retract of the cells behind their retina is returned. To prevent your eyes from falling into the footage, shoot the photo with an angle that the source of light is not exactly above the camera.

24. Eye scan for security lock is used so much because fingerprints have 40 unique characters, while 256 in iris (which controls the size and light of the eyes).

25. Falcon’s eyes is 4 to 5 times faster than us. The correctness of sight for the human eye is 20/20, but for the falcon it is fixed 20/4. Meaning, the one who can see the human eye from a distance of 20 feet, sees the same thing from the distance of 100 feet.

26. You will be sad to read that carrot does not increase your eyesight. This is a rumor, which was spread by the British during WWII (World War II) to hide one of their things. During the war, the English pilots used to find the enemy from a distance because they were receiving radar benefits. To hide this radar from their enemies, they rumored the carrot in our pilot meal, so their eyesight is sharp.

27. What is the work of eyebrows (celi, eyebrows)?

Indeed, their work is to prevent perspiration etc. from falling into the eyes, to give information about the circumstances of the nervous system through Rome pores, to show our emotions and to identify the Working sign of faces.

28. Is it necessary to close eyes during prayer? No, it is not necessary for everyone. Closing the eyes only helps us to focus on meditation (focusing on God). (personal answer)

29. How far can human eyes be seen? If the flat ground is completely dark, then the candle flame can be seen from 48km away. The sight of the eye does not depend on the distance, but depends on how many particles of light and photon are emerging from that object. 5 to 14 particles of photon and 5 to 14 rod cells of activation (activation) of the eyes are enough to tell the brain that we are looking at something.

30. What is the most distant thing seen from the naked eye? The most distant object seen from the naked eye is ‘Andromeda galaxy’. It produces so much light by collecting 10 trillion stars that every few thousandth photon earth always clash on centimetre. This galaxy is 2.5 million light years away from Earth.

31. Why do women close eyes at the end of sex? It is easy to focus on anything by closing eyes. That’s why if a woman stops her eyes during sex, then that means she is enjoying it completely.

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