25 Interesting Facts about Heart

25 Interesting Facts about Heart

Keep your heart safe, it is an amylogen organ. Today we are going to tell you the interesting facts about the heart …

1. Your heart is not in the left but in the middle of the chest.

2. Your heart pumps 70ml in one minute and 4.7 liters in 1 minute and about 7570 liters in whole day and about 16 million liters of blood in whole life. This is equivalent to being open for 45 years of one tap.

3. Even after your heart is separated from the body, it keeps beating until it gets enough oxygen. Because it has its own electrical impulse.

4. After four weeks of pregnancy, the heart of the child begins to beat.

5. So far person has recorded the lowest 26 beats per minute and maximum 480 beats per minute.

6. According to the song you are hearing, your heartbeats also change.

7. Every day, your heart produces so much energy that a truck can be operated up to 32km and it is equivalent to traveling on the moon throughout life.

8. The heartbeat of the newly born child is the fastest (70-160 beat / minute) and the heartbeat is the slowest (30-40 beat / minute) in old age.

9. The weight of your heart is 250 to 350 grams, it is 12cm long, 8cm wide and 6cm thick, that is the size of the handful of both of your hands.

10. Your heart beats about 72 times in a minute and about 1 million times in the entire day and about 2.5 billion times throughout life.

11. Heart Attack chances are most Christmas day and on Monday morning.

12. The symptoms of heart attack are different in both men and women.

13. Your heart sends blood to all 75 trillion cells of the body except for the cornea cells found in the eye.

14. The sound of ‘thump-thump’ on the beating of heart is formed due to the opening and closing of the 4 valves found in the heart.

15. Heart diseases have also been found in 3,000 years old mummies.

16. Heart cancer is very rare because heart cells stop spreading over time.

17. Women’s heartbeats are more than 8 times every minute of men’s beating.

18. The thickness of our body’s largest artery, ‘Arota’ which is found in the heart, is equal to the pipe found in the garden.

19. Your left lung is smaller in size than the right lung, because it has to give place to the heart.

20. If our heart pumps blood out of the body then this blood Can bounce up to 30 ft.

21. “Heart Symbol” is used to denote love since 1250. But why is this happening no one knows?

22. Most people die from ‘heart diseases’ in Turkmenistan, 712 people out of a million in every year.

23. Heart’s electric current (ECG) measuring machine was invented in 1903 by ‘Willem Einthoven’.

24. Heart attack is extremely rare when it comes to sex, 75% of these have come when a man is cheating his wife.

25. History: The first successful heart surgery took place in 1893, the first successful artificial valve was cast in 1950.

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